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Written by gkblog on March 31st, 2009

Hi one and all.  Welcome to my new web site and blog.  After eight years of the same web site I have decided to break out fresh this year with a new look.  It’s not yet finished, a bit rough around the edges, but you get the general idea.  I’m quite excited about uploading many of the great images I have taken in the last decade, but the task is time consuming, so please do be patient.

Of all the categories the “Pinhole” section is most complete.  I bought a pinhole camera a few years back, started taking it on travel journeys, and the results are really quite amazing.  For a funny little wooden box with no lens or viewfinder to be able to create such luminous and unpredictable images…well I find it quite astounding.  Check out the images and see for yourself.  Here’s one of my favorites.pin1016

It’s called “The Crystal Palace” and was taken in Madrid.  It was built years ago when wrought iron was the material of choice.  I love the way the tree shadows come to the viewer.

Check back in a few days for news of upcoming shows or of my work with architects, builders and designers.


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